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A Mad Lib is an interactive story that you add words to. When prompted, you insert a specific type of word. Once all words are added, the story is ready. The end story is usually quite funny. Pick a topic below to be taken to an input page for that type of story.


An ADJECTIVE describes something or somebody. Lumpy, soft, ugly, messy, and short are adjectives .. When we ask for a PLACE, we mean any sort of place : a country or city (Mexico, Oakland) or a room (bathroom, kitchen)
An ADVERB tells how something is done. It modifies a verb and usually ends in "ly." Modestly, stupidly, greedily, and carefully are adverbs. An EXCLAMATION or SILLY WORD is any sort of funny sound, gasp, grunt, or outcry, like Wow!, Ouch!, Ick!, and Gadzooks!
A NOUN is the name of a person, place, or thing. Sidewalk, umbrella, toy, bathtub, and nose are nouns. When we ask for a PLURAL, it means more than one. For example, door pluralized is doors.
A VERB is an action word. Run, pitch, jump, and swim are verbs. Put the verbs in past tense if the directions say PAST TENSE. Ran, pitched, jumped, and swam are verbs in the past tense. When we ask for specific words like a NUMBER, a COLOR, an ANIMAL, or a PART OF THE BODY, we mean a word that is one of those things, like seven, green, dog, or mouth.


Albert Einstein
Alexander the Great
Alice's World
Amazing Randy
Amusement Parks
Baseball Broadcast
Be a Photographer
Benjamin Franklin
Bicycle Riding
Bird Watching
Bull Fighting
Car of the Year
Charming Story
Chat with a Teen Idol
Chinese Dinner
Cold Remedy
Computer Speak
Concert Program
Cooking with Brady
Country and Western
Courtroom Drama #1
Courtroom Drama #2
Critics' Choice
Driving Test
Eat, Drink, and Be Sick
Elizabeth the First
Emergency Show
Emmy Acceptance Speech
Excuses For Tardiness #1
Excuses For Tardiness #2
Face Cream Commercial
Famous Invention
Father Goose Rhymes #1
Father Goose Rhymes #2
Father Goose Rhymes #3
Fire Fighters
Football Broadcast
George Washington
George Washington Carver
Good to the Last Byte
Gossip Column
Happy Birthday
Intro. to a Kiddy Show
Julius Caesar
Letters to a TV Editor
Link Trainers and Flying
Little League Baseball
Little Red Riding Hood
Lovelorn Columnist
Martial Arts
Masterpiece Theater
Medical Drama
Medical Q and A
Mother and Son
Music Lesson
Our School
Paul Revere
Pilot to Passengers
Plumber's Visit
Poor Spotted Auk
Prime Time Gossip #1
Prime Time Gossip #2
Recipe for Upside-Down Cake
Rock Music
Scene From a Sitcom
Show and Tell
Smoking Cigarettes
Speaking of Speaking
Spring Clothing Sale
Stock Market
Student Protest Committee
TheThree Little Pigs
To Whom It May Concern
TV Celebrity Magazine
TV Hunk Interview
TV Promos
TV Viewing Tips #1
TV Viewing Tips #2
Upside-Down Dict. A
Upside-Down Dict. B
VCR Remote Control
Video Games
Waiter and Customer
Weather Report #1
Weather Report #2
Weather Report #3
World Series Broadcast
Zoo Visit

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