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Poetry is to writing what dreams are to life. They are both extaraordinary and deeply emotional. Sometimes they are very clear in their meanings while other times they must be pondered and pondered just to get a hint of what they truly mean. Technically, a poem is any type of writing that is not prose, or ordinary writing. So, the only rule with poetry is that there are no rules.

As with most things in life, to become truly great at poetry, you must practice, practice, practice. A good starting point is immersing yourself in poetry. Just read and read. Find a style that you truly enjoy and then try writing in that genre. Remember that nobody starts out an expert. Keep working at it, and you might be the next Longfellow, or Keats, or Seuss. Good Luck.

Creating a poetry book is a rewarding as well as time-consuming process. The following steps were taken to achieve the final product:

(1) The Poems were written.
(2) The Poems were edited.
(3) The Poems were improved, corrected, and then typed.
(4) The Poems were illustrated.
(5) The completed pages were laminated.
(6) The Laminated Pages were trimmed.
(7) The Books were bound.

For instructions and examples of the poems we included in our poetry books, please check out the list below.

Name Poem
Roses are Red
Respect Poem
When Poem
Definition Poem
Alphabet Poem
Terse Verse

Sound Poem
Assonant Poem
List Poem
Five Senses Poem
Title Down Poem

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