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Pumpkin and Bat Milk Carton Treat Holders

Materials Needed for the Project:

* 1/2 Gallon Cardboard Milk Container Thoroughly Washed
* Glue
* Scissors
* Orange, Black, White, & Green Paper


Cut the top off the milk carton and discard. You can cut off as much of the top as you like... it depends on how tall you want your container to be. Cover your milk carton with orange paper if creating a pumpkin or black paper if you are creating a bat. For the pumpkin, you will need to draw and cut out eyes, ears, nose, and any other facial features in black. It will also need some leaves and a handle cut out of the green paper. For the bat, you will need to make eyes, eyebrows, and teeth with white paper. The wings and handle will need to be cut out of black paper. Once all of the pieces are cut out for your treat holder, simply glue them to your milk carton.

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