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Slam Books

Materials Needed for the Project:

* 1 Sheet of 18" x 12" Foam
* Several Foam Flower Shapes
* Small Sheets of Different Colored Foam
* 12" of Feathered Boa
* Printed Slam Book Pages
* Hot Glue Gun, Scissors, & Stapler


A Slam Book is a book that records people's opinions and secrets. It contains several pages, each of which asks a question at the top of the page followed by people's responses on numbered lines below. The first book of the page simply asks what your name is. You have people write their response on a specific numbered line. They will then answer every question in the book on that same numbered line. This way, you know whose responses you are reading as you thumb through the book. To make the book, fold the sheet of foam in half. Then place several (10-15) slam book pages inside the folded foam. You can download the pages by clicking here. Be sure to center the pages vertically and place them all the way in the back of the cover. After that, staple the outsie of the foam and pages together along the spine. Five or six staples should do. Next, glue your boa along the spine of the book, making sure all of the staples are covered. After that, use your scissors to cut the colored foam into the lettters that spell slam book. Next, glue the letters and flower shapes to your cover in a pattern that is pleasing to you. Finally, write the questions you want answered at the top of each page and pass the book around to people you would like to fill it out.

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