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Shamrock Box

Materials Needed for the Project:

* Wooden Shadow Box
* Shamrock Green & Black Acrylic Paint
* High Gloss Acrylic Spray
* Some Sort of Shamrock
* Paintbrushes, Hot Glue Gun, Scredrivers, Paper or Painter's Tape


To begin this project, disassemble the wooden box and put all hinges, clasps, screws, etc. in a safe place. Once the box is apart, paint all areas green except the glass and the wooden piece on the back of the box-lid. Paint the piece on the back of the box-lid black. Use a really small brush to get the areas around the glass so as not to get paint on it, however, if you do it cleans off easy enough. You will need two coats. Once the paint is dry, spray the box with the acrylic spray. Cover the glass with some paper or painter's tape so as not to ruin it with the spray. When the acryliic spray has dried, you will want to glue your shamrock to the center of the black piece of wood. The final step is to re-attach the hinge and clasp to the box.

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