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Vanilla Wafer Lollipops

Materials Needed for the Project:

* Vanilla Wafers
* Chocolate Chips
* Peanut Butter
* Sprinkles
* Craftsticks/Popsicle Sticks
* Wax Paper
* Microwave Oven
* Bowl, Spoon, Knife


To make these delicious treats, start by spreading a thin layer of peanut butter on the flat side of two vanilla wafers with your knife. Then insert the craftstick between the two wafers and push them together so that they stick. You may want to do several of these at a time. Next, melt some chocolate chips in the microwave. Heat the chocolate chips for 30 seconds and then stir. If not melted after 30 seconds, heat ten seconds at a time and stir until it is ready. Once the chocolate is liquid, spoon it over your cookie pops and evenly distruibute it over the pop with the back of your spoon. While the chocolate is still warm, pour sprinkles over your pop. Finally, place your finished pops on a piece of wax paper until they are dry, or for a quicker drying time, you can place them into the refrigerator.

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