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Love Ornament

Materials Needed for the Project:

* Wooden Letters 1/4" Thick
* 1 Small Wooden Heart 1/4" Thick
* Acrylic Paint
* High Gloss Acrylic Spra
* Decorative Wire
* Paintbrushes, Hot Glue Gun, Drill, Pencil


The first step of this project is drilling a small hole in the letters "L" and "E." Drill the hole near the top of both letters. The next step is painting. Paint the letters and heart in any colors you like. It works best if you paint two light coats. After the paint is dry, spray all pieces with the acrylic spray and let dry. Now it's time to glue. Glue the pieces together to spell love horizontally. After the gluing is finished, insert a piece of wire approximately 10 inches long into the front of the "L." Insert it so that about 1/4" can be seen on the back of the "L." To hold it in place in the back, fold it upwards. Now, take the pencil and wrap the middle of the wire around it a few times to form coils. Finally, take the other end of the wire and insert into the front of the "E," securing it the same way you did with the "L." Now it's ready to hang somewhere.

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