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Leprechaun Door Hanger

Materials Needed for the Project:

* Dark Green, Light Green, Orange, Pink, Yellow, Black, & Tan Foam
* Gold Chenille Stem
* Tacky Glue
* Scissors and a Pen


The size and shape of your leprechaun is up to you. We started by designing the face. Cut a circle from some of the tan foam. Then draw two eyes and a smile on it with your pen. Cut out a small tan oval for the nose and two slightly larger pink circles for the cheeks and glue them to the face. Next, cut out a scalloped circle from the orange for the beard and hair. Now glue the face to it. After that , design a hat for your leprechaun. We used the dark green foam for the actual hat, black foam for a band, yellow foam for a buckle, and the light green foam for a shamrock. After you've cut out your hat, glue it to the face. Next you will want to cut out a body. Take some of the dark green foam and cut out a shape similar to that of an upside-down vase. Create some boots form the black felt and glue them to the bottom of the body. Use some yellow foam to make some buckles and glue them to the shoes. Then cut out a giant shamrock. The shamrock should be slightly larger than the body. Glue the shamrock to the body and then glue the head to the top of the shamrock. After that, cut out 2 small glove-like hands from the tan foam and glue these to the upper corners of your shamrock. If you'd like, you can make some oval cuffs from the light green foam and glue them on top of the hands. We also added a small dark green shamrock to the large shamrock. The last step is to glue the gold chenille stem to the back of the hat forming a loop big enough to hang your leprechaun on a doorknob.

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