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Gift Bags

Materials Needed for the Project:

* 2 Brown Paper Lunch Bags
* Paper
* 2 Pipe Cleaners
* Stapler
* Tacky Glue
* Holiday Pictures, Wrapping Paper, Greeting Card, Etc.


Open up one of the lunch bags and apply a few beads of glue on the inside of the bag(4 or 5 on the bottom and a couple on each side). Now open up the other lunch bag and place it inside the sack with the glue in it. Next, cut a 1/2" slit down each of the top corners of the bag. This will create four flaps that you can fold inward and glue to the inside of the bag. While the glue is drying on the bag, bend the two pipe cleaners into handles. Staple each pipe cleaner to a piece of paper approximately 3/4" x 5". Apply a generous amount of glue to the side of the paper that the pipe cleaners are on and then put one on each side of the bag to make the handles. While this is drying, cut out your decorations. Finally, apply the decorations to the outside of the bag with a small amount of glue.

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