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Materials Needed for the Project:

* Borax
* Elmer's Glue
* Food Coloring
* Water
* Plastic Egg
* 2 Large Plastic Cups
* Plastic Spoons
* Measuring Cups & Tablespoon


Add: 1/2 cup water to 1/2 cup Elmers Glue in a plastic cup. Mix with plastic spoon and add 3 drops of food coloring. Mix until the color is thoroughly blended. Next, make a Borax solution in the other cup: Take 2 tablespoons Borax and add to 1 cup of water and stir. Then, add 1/2 cup of the Borax solution to the water and glue mixture. Stir until the mixture is fairly solid and then remove it from the cup and knead the flarp until it is dry. Store the flarp in an airtight plastic container. Flarp can stretch, bounce, and make very funny sounds when put into a small container and pushed down on with your fingers.

Click Here to Download a printable index card of this project.

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