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Goldfish Bowls

Materials Needed for the Project:

* Ivy Bowl
* 1 or 2 Small Goldfish
* Colored Gravel and Strainer
* De-Chlorinator
* 2" Fish Net
* Clean, Room-Temperature Water
* Fish Food and Fish Care Instructions


Start by cleaning your ivy bowl of any debris that may have been in there. Use only warm water; detergent can kill fish. Once your bowl is clean and dry, fill it slightly more than half way full with water. Add a drop or so of De-Chlorinator per the instructions that come with the bottle. Let the bowl sit out until the water is at about room temperature. While the water is reaching the right temperature, empty your gravel into a strainer and rinse it thoroughly. You want to remove any real tiny particles. Once the gravel is clean, carefully pour a small amount into the bowl. When the water is at the proper temperature, use your fishnet to transfer your fish(es) from the bag they came in into the fish bowl. Finally, read over your fish care instructions to see how to best care for your new pets. You can download them by clicking here. Also, if keeping fishes is something you enjoy doing, you will probably want to get a real tank as it is more healthy for the fish and easier for you to keep clean.

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