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Plush Bunny Bookmarks

Materials Needed for the Project:

* White Craft Foam
* Large White Pompom
* 2 Small White Pompoms
* 1 Small Pink Pompom
* 2 Black Beads
* Stapler
* Tacky Glue


Cut a bookmark shape from the white craft foam. At one end of the white foam piece, glue a large white pompom. Glue together two small white pompoms and one small pink pompom. This will be the bunny's nose.

Cut a small strand of white embroidery thread and glue to the white pompom, where the nose will be. On top of the embroidery thread, glue the 2 white and 1 pink pompom that you previously glued together. This will make the bunny's whiskers and nose.

To make the ears, cut 2 dome shapes ("U"). Cut the pink embroidery thread into little pieces and glue them to the inside of the ears. This will create the inside highlight on the ears. Staple the dome shape together at the top of the "U" and then glue to the large white pompom.

Glue 2 black beads to the pompoms for eyes.

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