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Bat Clips and Tootsie Pop Spiders

Materials Needed for the Project:

Bat Clips Tootsie Pop Spiders
* Black Paper * 4 Black Pipe Cleaners
* Clothespin * Tootsie Pop
* Googly Eyes * Googly eyes
* Scissors, Glue, Pencil * Glue


To make the Bat Clip, draw and then cut out a bat's body and wings from black paper. Make sure that the body is big enough to cover the clothespin. Glue the wings to the clothespin, then glue the body on the clothespin, and then glue the googly eyes to the bat.

To make the Tootsie Pop Spider, hold all four pipe cleaners, center them at the base of the pop and wrap them around the stick once so there are four legs on each side. Next, bend the pipe cleaner ends to form eight feet. Finally, glue on googly eyes.

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