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Hello, my name is Tracie. I was born in Oakland, CA on April 23, 1989. I have 12 members in my family, including me. They are my mother Sheila, my father Charles, my brothers Tim, Lee, Stacy, Charles, Maurice, & Mendez, and my sisters Monique & Shatreeis.

My favorite hobbies are math, basketball, and swimming. My favorite TV shows are Buffy, Maury, and Divorce Court. My favorite singers are Aaliyah, Ashanti, J-Lo, and City High. My favorite movies are Save the Last Dance and Sister Act 2. My favorite things to do are go on vacation and play. My favorite places to go to are Livermore and Reno. My favorite types of foods are pizza and fries. My favorite subjects in school are math, English, and gym. My best friends include Alexandria, Lakeisha, and Angelica. When I grow up, I want to be a basketball player or singer.

My one wish for the future is to meet a famous superstar.

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