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Over the past several years, I have created three different thematic units for music that I teach 4th - 6th graders: Musical Genres, Hits Through the Ages, and Musical Legends. Each unit is a year in length, at a pace of one lesson per week. Each lesson requires between 35 - 60 minutes depending on how you pace them. All lessons include a graphic organizer for students to take detailed notes, wall art for your classroom, and were designed to engage students through the use of multimedia, built in participation, and interesting content. They were created in Apple's Keynote, which is the format you should download them if it is available to you. If Keynote is not an option, I have a PowerPoint conversion that can be downloaded instead, however these may need to be reformatted to work properly on the screen you use. For detailed information about each unit, please download the included lesson plan at the bottom of each column. Please feel free to use and modify these lessons in any way you see fit.
Musical Genres



Hits Through the Ages Download        

Musical Legends Download


Jazz             1965 - 1966             Aretha Franklin
Traditional Pop             1967             The Beach Boys
Gospel             1968 - 1969             Bob Dylan
Country             1970 - 1971             Bob Marley
Doo-Wop             1972 - 1973             Bruce Springsteen
Rock and Roll             1974 - 1975             Buddy Holly
Rockabilly             1976 - 1977             Chuck Berry
Soul             1978 - 1979             David Bowie
Surf Music             1980             The Doors
Contemporary Folk             1981 - 1982             Elton John
British Invasion (Rock)             1983 - 1984             Elvis Presley
Ska             1985             Frank Sinatra
Folk Rock             1986             George Harrison
Psychedelic Rock             1987             Harry Belafonte
Hard Rock             1988             James Brown
Funk             1989             Jimi Hendrix
Heavy Metal             1990             John Lennon
Reggae             1991             Johnny Cash
Soft Rock             1992 - 1993             Led Zeppelin
Outlaw Country             1994             Little Richard
Disco             1995             Madonna
Glam Rock             1996 - 1997             Michael Jackson
Punk Rock             1998             Nirvana
Country Pop             1999             Ozzy Osborne
Post-Punk             2000             Paul McCartney
Pop Punk             2001 - 2002             Paul Simon
Hip Hop             2003 - 2004             The Police
New Wave             2005             Prince
Synthpop             2006             Queen
Gothic Rock             2007             Radiohead
2 Tone             2008             The Ramones
Hardcore Punk             2009             Ray Charles
Contemporary R & B             2010             Ringo Starr
Rap Rock             2011             The Rolling Stones
Grunge             2012             Stevie Wonder
Britpop             2013             Tom Petty
Comedy Music             2014             U2
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