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Red Kid Arcade 
Sunday, August 14, 2005, 03:49 PM

Hey everyone. Here is a low resolution image for the marquee I made for my arcade cabinet. This is the part that lights up above the monitor. It's actually 28 inches by 8 inches and looks really awesome lit up. If you're wondering what Red Kid is, it's actually the initials of both of my sons. Red stands for R iley E lijah D elaurenti and Kid stands for K illian I saiah D elaurenti. I haven't been doing anything exciting lately. I've completely finished my wife's studio on the inside. Now I just need to paint the outside. I've also been setting up my recording studio inside of her painting studio. I'll post pictures before summer's over.

Tomorrow I'm going to the SF aquarium to look at the fishies. I will also be checking into going on a field trip there for next year. I've taken classes there in the past, but this is in a new building that is very close to the Metreon. I'll have to see how it goes.

I hope you all are enjoying your last few weeks of summer. I can't wait to start back to school!


Mr. D

How's Things? 
Sunday, August 14, 2005, 03:47 PM
Hi Everybody,

I hope you all are having a restful summer. I've been working like a dog on Linda's studio. It looks a whole lot different than the pictures I posted on June 28. I've tiled the floor (With ceramic tile not that cheap blue stuff they put in our classroom), The outside has been covered in wood siding and trim, and cable and phone have been run out to it. I should be finished with everything but the painitng of the outside within a week. It's more like a guest house than a studio, but Linda will paint in it. I'll post pictures in a week or so.

For my latest project, I'm building an arcade machine. You know, the kind you put a bunch of quarters in to play a game. Mine will be different in that it will play more than 4000 games from the arcade and not just one. It will also have the ability to play DVD's, be an actual jukebox to play all of my mp3's, The machine is run by a computer and has joysticks, spinners, buttons, trackballs, the whole bit. It looks and acts like an actual arcade machine. I've added an image of what it will resemble. My machine, however, will have original artwork, a coin door for inserting coins, a sound system, it will light up and have a few other touches. I doubt I'll be finished before school starts, but who knows. I'll keep you posted.

Take it easy,

Mr. D

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Goodbye Crib, Hello Teeth 
Sunday, August 14, 2005, 03:45 PM
Well, it's been a great month so far. Killian has moved from a crib into a bed. This would have happened sooner, but the bed I ordered online kept pushing the delivery date too far into the future. We finally cancelled the order and ended up buying one from Ikea. It's a bunk bed, so when Riley decides to move out of a crib they'll be in the same bed. Just think about how fun that will be. Also, Ry-Guy (AKA Riley) is starting to get some teeth. This is convenient because he has moved from strictly mother's milk to mother's milk and 3 meals of baby food a day. Unfortunately, the process of teeth breaking through the gums is somewhat unpleasant and keeps him up some nights. Anyway, here are a couple of pics. Take care.

Sunday, August 14, 2005, 03:42 PM
I know how much you all like to play dodgeball. Well... it turns out that it is an official extreme sport now. The Game Show Network has a program where dodgeball is played in a kind of WWE type of format. I've not seen the show yet, just the commercials. It looks as if the play is real, but the teams are costumed for entertainment purposes. I'm not really sure, but it looks quite interesting. If you would like to check it out on the web, click here. You can check out the rules, teams, showtimes, etc.

Also, I'm sure you know about the Ben Stiller movie titled "Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story," but here is a link to check it out in case you are interested. I have no idea if it is any good or not. It seems our classroom game has made the big time.

Alameda County Fair 
Sunday, August 14, 2005, 03:41 PM
If you haven't been to the Alameda County Fair yet, you've still got some time. It ends on Sunday. We went yesterday and had a great time. It's kind of expensive, but there is a ton of cool stuff and a bunch of rides and games. I won Killian a stuffed animal playing that game where you shoot water at a target. I was playing against a bunch of six year olds, but I kicked all of their butts. It's in Pleasanton, which is about 25 minutes from Oakland, but it's worth bugging your parents to take you. There are all sorts of animals at the fair and they are all for sale. So, if you are in the market for a cow or a goat it's the place to be. Inside the fair, there is a pretty big petting zoo with all sorts of animals, not just goats and sheep. Anyhow, my mother was putting a quarter into the feed machine, like the ones at the SF Zoo, and before she could hand the feed to Killian a camel put it's mouth in her hand and gobbled it up. Killian was freaked out, but my mom made a new friend. All in all it was a good day.

The New Stroller


I would have posted more pictures, but my batteries went dead after these two.

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