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Sunday, August 14, 2005, 05:50 PM
Hi Everybody,

I'm sure none of you are spending too much time looking at websites with the great weather we are having, but I thought starting a blog would be a great way for our class to communicate outside of school hours. So, if you are visiting our site, please add to the blog and let everyone know what you are doing. I have been doing a bit of work this summer... Mainly working on finishing the inside of my wife's studio as well as the outside. I'm putting up siding on the outside and tiling the inside. I also lost a few of the chicks I ordered in April. A dog pulled two of them under the fence and killed them. That was pretty devastating because I saw the second chick get dragged under. Anyhow, I ordered more and the surving chick, the duck, and the goose are all doing quite well. I'm going to breed Metti at the end of Summer or beginning of Fall, and will have bunnies available for all of those people that are intereted. As far as school goes, I spent a good deal of time updating the website and coming up with the word of the days for next year. I uploaded small versions of the films we made. So, now you can view them anytime you like.
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